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I came down to Florida from Delaware to look at a condo that was being offered to me. The condo was in an estate, it was not listed, and there was no commission involved.

Without any expectation of compensation; Tammy Cook met with my wife and I, walked through and gave me a thumb nail appraisal of the property, had lunch with us and talked with us about the Fort Myers area. She set up appointments for us to see other condos in the area so that we could make comparisons for ourselves. When I returned to Delaware all I had to do was call her (she always answers her phone) and she set me up with a Title Assurance Company (they also were happy to serve me immediately). To get the ball rolling with the Title Company I needed an agreement of sale. Again, all I had to do was call Tammy and the 12 page document was emailed to me within the hour.

I described Tammy to someone as "A FORCE OF NATURE" … just can't stop her.